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Lion symbolism

Do you need the courage to pounce on an opportunity or defeat a foe? Are you having trouble speaking your truth? Lion, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can help!

Lion teaches you how to walk your path with integrity and honor! Delve into Lion symbolism and meaning to find out how your Animal Spirit Guide can inspire, strengthen, and motivate you.

lion symbolism

Throughout the ancient world, the vibrant yellow mane of the Lion made it a natural solar symbol. Like the Sun, the King of the Beasts comes roaring into your spiritual journey with raw power, courage, and aggressiveness.

But, by way of dichotomy, Cats are nocturnal. So, Lion Energy cloaks your spirit in the lunar power of night. When the world sleeps, the Big Cats are everywhere yet unseen, communicating yet unheard, and prowling yet immobile. Depictions of Lions are millennia-old throughout the world. Some revered the Lioness as the provider for the pride, and the meaning of providence and hunting skill remains intact.

Middle Eastern stories and art show the Lion as representing great kings. The Gods and Goddesses in the region often had Lion companions. Examples include Ishtar with a Lion-drawn chariot, and Inanna, who stands on the backs of two female Lions.

The images allude to the Lion as an emblem of great strength and authority. The connection intensifies further with the entrance to great cities and temples featuring Lion gates and sculptures flanking statues as protectors.

Chinese Buddhist portray the Lion as a creature of great majesty. As a result, the architecture throughout China includes Lions at entryways, standing vigilant guard.

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People in Tibet have similar beliefs, associating protection with the Snow Lion. The critical difference is fearless Snow Lions represent the Earth Element instead of Fire associations. It would seem the Lion Spirit has a soft, Pussycat side too. In the story of Androcles and the Lionthe Great Cat remembers kindnesses rendered to it.

After helping the Lion rid itself of a thorn and infection, the creature returns the favor by refusing to devour the young slave at the Circus Maximus. Then, the Lion shows its affection for Androcles in front of the Emperor; because of this ancient story, Lion symbolism includes devotion and kindness toward those who show mercy and compassion. If the Lion Spirit Animal makes you aware of its presence, the majestic Cat introduces you to its uncommon strength and vitality.Animal Totems Land Animals Lion.

It is safe for you to be "big hearted" and warmly affectionate. In general, Lion symbolism brings us a message of prudence. Instead, keep an even mind and an overall balance in our life activities. Lion symbolism is the ultimate protector of hearth and home. Lion meaning also aids you in recognizing and understanding your own noble and regal attitudes. A Lioness represents the need to build for tomorrow. Furthermore, the groundwork you lay down today will manifest your destiny.

These big cats are very closely related to the TigerLeopardand Jaguar. People with the Lion totem are fiercely independent, confident, and in control.

These traits are all balanced by a quiet demeanour. Folks with this spirit animal totem are also a creative and influential force. They also have the internal power to make positive or negative changes in their life and the lives of others around them. They are continuously watchful and always on top of things.

lion symbolism

If the Lioness is your spirit animal totem, then you have powerful maternal instincts and are ferociously protective whenever required. Women with this totem will have mastery over their emotional body and the ability to manifest all aspects of love. They are creative, passionate, and bond quickly. In this case, your Lion dream is letting you know that you will overcome some of your emotional difficulties. It is also telling you that you are more powerful than you think and that you have a lot of influence over others.

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In other words, you need to exercise some restraint in your own personal and social life. You have to be in charge. To see a Lioness in your dream represents your maternal instincts. You will go to great lengths to protect your interests. Also, a Lioness symbolizes hope, victory, tenacity, and stamina. When you dream that this cat attacks you, it suggests that a force may be driving you to self-destruction.

Only acute self-awareness will help you overcome these challenges and obstacles.A lion symbolizes wisdom, vitality, focus, ferocity, power, silence, anger, aggression, assertiveness, self-control, pride, courage, purity, piety and royalty.

Reflecting the power of the sun and gold in its vibrant yellow mane, it also stands for both emotional and physical strength, patience, dominion, family, and playfulness. To have a lion as your totem animal means you are fiercely independentcreative and confident in all walks of life. You love confronting challenging situations and are adept in controlling difficulties by projecting a quiet demeanor.

Take the Quiz Being highly influentialyou strive to bring about positive changes in your life as well as that of others. The family is of utmost importance to you, and you remain loyal to your near and dear ones. Dreaming of taming a lion is a warning for you to change your old habits to move forward in life. To see yourself as a lion tamer is also a suggestion of your ability to keep your anger in check. To see yourself killing a lion refers to the tremendous pressure you are facing concerning an important issue.

Seeing a dying lionon the other hand, indicates a significant loss of your strength. If you see a lion chasing or hunting youit means that you are purposely trying to ignore certain aspects. Adopting a new path may usher in fresh possibilities, but you are bent on passively following the path of self-destruction. It may further point to your strong desire for isolation and independence.

Escaping from a lion means you are going to be able to avoid an impending danger.

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Dreaming of fighting with a lion signals a scandal, while seeing yourself defeating a lion suggests the control you have over your enemies. To see yourself eating a lion suggests your gaining of more power, whereas riding a lion denotes your patience and courage in overcoming hazards. Seeing a lion cub looks forward to your meeting a new friend, but if a lion attacks a dogit implies a loss of good friendship.

Dreams with winged lions are suggestive of forthcoming better times. A dream about lions in your house stands for your tamed sense of power, and if you see yourself feeding hungry lionsit is an indication of your secret wish to enhance your pride.

Dreaming of a lion hugging or licking you implies, comfort, love and brighter moments. A roaring lion points at your ongoing health problems. If a giant lion eats you in a dream, be prepared to face unfortunate encounters ahead. To see a lion eating a man or something else signifies the sudden disappearance of your immediate problems. Seeing a lion on fire symbolizes the overpowering strength of your passion that needs to be controlled.What is Your Spirit Animal?

Be sure to Take the Quiz! Lion Meaning. Lion represents the spirit, totem and power animal attributes of royalty, wealth, ferocity, sun and solar energy, courage, esteem, mastering emotions.

The Lioness represents hunting, sisterhood and prowess. You HAVE to see this!!!! What's Your Spirit Animal? Lion teaches the shaman animal magic of : harnessing the power of the sun.

Lion Meaning and Symbolism

The Lion is the universal symbol of courage, strength, royalty and majesty. Spiritually the Lion symbolizes the message that your greatest power is found deep within the heart; as in the phrase to be "Lion-Hearted".

lion symbolism

It is here soaking the strengthening energies of the sun that you will make the bond with the Lion Spirit Animal and feel the energies enter your body, mind and spirit. The Lion. Egyptian lion symbolism conveys wealth represented by the solar energy of gold. Lion teaches to rise above and control the urges of impatience in all that you desire.

You have come thus far and you must rein in and master your emotions, because what you desire is now in full view approaching you from the horizon. Just as the Lion has learned through the ages, it is now you that must choose the power and take this spiritual journey where great rewards and sublime satisfaction await you. Those that represent gold, and those that represent the matters of Spirit. So beautifully presented in the Wizard of Oz, the Lion transforms into a symbol of courage.

In the movie, he shows how facing one's own fears is the hardest thing to do. The Cowardly Lion shows us just how it's done in the timeless classic. The sultry and svelte Lioness She is a regal mother, the Lioness totem animal is the great mother of protection. As she lives and hunts among her sisters, the Lioness is the quintessential teacher of sisterhood.

The Lioness spirit animal reflects once again the message of the male Lion Together the Lion and the Lioness symbolic meanings bring the message to be brave, to know your own nobilityknow your own value in the world.

Find your authentic voice In addition to all of this Lion symbolism brings a moment of profound clarity Look into the eyes of the Lion spirit animal and see the power of his or her intention By doing meditation with the Lion and doing shamanic ritual connecting to the Lion totem animal, with practice and discipline you can train your mind to learn this advanced life changing skill Others can help you along your path, but no one can tell you what your path is.

This knowledge lies in the heart, and it can take great courage to go deep within these caverns, and greater courage yet to follow what you have been shown. You may be in search or in counsel of your "sisters", Spirit may be guiding you to team up with another female that has the same vision as yourself.

There are great things for you to discover that will only be found by listening to your dreams and your intuition, and slowly take each step one at a time until the opportune moment comes to pursue your target or dream with everything you have. Watch how the Lioness hunts, and you will learn her secrets of stealth, observation and patience.This article on the symbolic meaning of lions and lion totem meanings explores a range of influences the lion has upon us.

These kings and queens of the jungle have epic lessons to share. From taking pride in family to taking advantage of every moment to devour the good life — lions are powerful totems and teachers. But first, I want to address a myth floating around in the animal kingdom about lions. They are neither nocturnal, nor diurnal.

Talk about fancy words! Animals like lions who are crepuscular are creatures who are most active during twilight. This means lions do their best and busiest work during the times of dusk and dawn. This is big juju. Countless cultures — from Celtic to Native American — view twilight as magical, mystical moments in time. So here we have the first lesson from the lion.

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As you are working, try to put yourself in a suspended state…a state of mind that is open to all ideas and opportunities. The lion knows this for sure! The lion utilizes the best moment for its ultimate benefit.

Lion Spirit Animal - Lion Totem \u0026 Power Animal - Lion Symbolism \u0026 Meanings

As humans, we should do the same. The symbolic meaning of lions illustrates mad skills when it comes to getting what they want.

Lion Symbolism & Meaning

Lions show us how to effectively attack our dreams and passions. This quote pretty much sums it up:. Specifically, the male lion represents the sun in various cultures, and the female lioness is associated with the moon. This symbolic insight. Along with their twilight tendencies speaks volumes about lion-lessons of harmony and equity.

In essence, the symbolic meaning of lions revolves around bringing balance into our lives. In other words, the lion asks us to creatively moderate.The lion is a common charge in heraldry.

lion symbolism

It traditionally symbolises couragenobilityroyaltystrength, stateliness and valourbecause historically the lion has been regarded as the "king of beasts". The Lion of Judah stands in the coat of arms of Jerusalem. Similar-looking lions can be found elsewhere, such as in the coat of arms of the Swedish royal House of Bjelbofrom there in turn derived into the coat of arms of Finlandformerly belonging to Sweden. The animal designs in the heraldry of the high medieval period are a continuation of the animal style of the Viking Ageultimately derived from the style of Scythian art as it developed from c.

The animals of the "barbarian" Eurasian predecessors of heraldic designs are likely to have been used as clan symbols. The characteristic of the lion as royal animal in particular is due to the influence of the Physiologusan early Christian book about animal symbolism, originally written in Greek in the 2nd century and translated into Latin in about AD It was a predecessor of the medieval bestiaries.

Lion Symbolism

At the time, few Europeans had a chance to encounter actual lions, so that painters had to rely on traditional depictions and had no actual animals as models. The lion as a heraldic charge is present from the very earliest development of heraldry in the 12th century. One of the earliest known examples of armory as it subsequently came to be practiced can be seen on the tomb of Geoffrey Plantagenet, Count of Anjouwho died in A chronicle dated to c.

Earlier heraldic writers attributed the lions of England to William the Conquerorbut the earliest evidence of the association of lions with the English crown is a seal bearing two lions passant, used by the future King John during the lifetime of his father, Henry IIwho died in John's elder brother, Richard the Lionheartwho succeeded his father on the throne, is believed to have been the first to have borne the arms of three lions passant-guardant, still the arms of England, having earlier used two lions rampant combatant, which arms may also have belonged to his father.

Coats of arms of the 13th century include those of the House of Sverre coat of arms of Norwaythe Ludovingians the lion of Hesse used by Conrad of ThuringiaLuxembourgthe kingdom of Ruthenia Volhyniathe House of Habsburg the Habsburgs all but abandoned their original coat of arms after gaining the Duchy of Austria in the s, but it remained in use in derived lineages such as the House of Kyburgthe kingdom of Bulgaria and the Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia Rubenids.

Unlike the eaglewhich is comparatively rare in heraldry because it was reserved as an imperial symbolthe lion became a symbol of chivalry and was not restricted to royal coats of arms. Vladislaus' men refused to follow this emblem, calling it an ape, so that Frederick agreed to improve the arms by giving the lion not just one but two erect tails. As many attitudes positions now exist in heraldry as the heraldist's imagination can conjure, as a result of the ever-increasing need for differentiation, but very few of these were apparently known to medieval heralds.

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Lion (heraldry)

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